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Born and raised in Durham, NC, Wes Cawhorn is proud to help drive the tiling trade’s evolution. After high school, Wes completed study in the mechanical field, and he started his career as an auto technician. He eventually bought a fixer upper home, and during the renovation, he realized how much he enjoyed tile work. Wes began studying the craft from his uncle, a very meticulous tile setter. His interest in tile grew the more he learned, and he continued his training at Mapei and Schluter schools.
Through over twenty years of practical experience and an extensive education, Wes has learned all the best practices for installing tile. He is always up-to-date on cutting edge techniques and products, especially foam. As soon as a USG representative showed him one of their custom shower trays, Wes knew that foam was the future. He quickly incorporated foam into his work, and he was amazed by much his efficiency increased. When USG stopped producing trays, Wes was lucky enough to meet Rod in Utah. Wes was a fan of Rod’s products, and Rod invited him to his shop to make shower trays, seats, and other items. Wes loves being on the forefront of a new setting technique that makes life easier for my fellow tile setters.

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